(What you'll uncover in just the bonus week alone!)
From: The Battle-Worn Couch Of Dan Brock
Baltimore, MD
Dear friend, 

Are you morally OK with profiting (a lot) during the current crisis?

If NOT, or if you plan to take advantage of people... 

Close this page now.

What I have is a way to profit online ethically and honorably during lean times.

You'll improve lives, and be rewarded handsomely for it.

Does this sound good to you? Yeah? 

More on that in a second.

But first...

The Always Appreciated Disclaimer

What you're going to learn are the things that have allowed me to create a small fortune online.

But I also want to be clear that this is not the average result and that the results will vary. You may earn more, less, no money at all, or the same. My program is for educational purposes only, and any actions you take are at your own risk. This is also not financial, legal, or professional advice and is for educational purposes only.

With that said:

"The Best Time To Make Clickbank 
Affiliate Commissions Is When 
Markets Crash."

I've been through downturns before. 

Now I'm a pretty lazy dude...

(A hard day's work to me is tearing open a HotPocket and popping it into the microwave)...

Despite that, I still pulled in some fat Clickbank paydays:
All I did was put myself in front of where the money was going.


Lots of crisp, green Benjamins.

("Benjamin" is American slang for a $100 bill).

Now look:

I barely graduated high school, so I have complete faith you can do this too.

And I've already carved out the path for you... so it's like 10X easier:

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Gold Edition) 

Create an Enjoyable Clickbank Affiliate Business In The Next 30 Days...

It's the complete "basement to rooftop" roadmap to creating an easy, fun, and addictive online business that makes earning commissions as natural to you as breathing.

You don't have to make videos, be an expert, have a product, know techie stuff or any of the usual jazz.

Here's what you'll uncover:

Week #1: Money Markets That Always Win

We’re going to pour HotPocket grease on the hottest markets right now: Online business, online income, digital marketing, software tools, courses,  and job opportunities. You'll easily pick out the products and services that are wildly in demand now and long into the future. You don’t have to make, ship, or support anything - You just send traffic to them and get sales. Lots of sales.

You'll discover:

  • How to profit from the wildly popular "online income" space and 100s of other markets. There's no limit to what you can achieve.
  • Learn to spot trends quickly to uncover completely blue oceans.
  • Uncover the best products (you don't have to create) and make abnormal amounts from them.
  • Use my eyes, hear my thoughts as I analyze top affiliate programs to promote so you know with clarity which products will get you the biggest gain.
  • "The 3X Stack" - Turn what would be only 1 sale into 2 or even 3 sales to that same visitor, with one small change.
You'll walk away with complete certainty on a market that crosses both passion and a bunch of profit for you. You'll know exactly which products to promote for the biggest amounts of return with the least bit of effort.

Week #2: "Kryptonite Keywords" That Work Better Than They Should

I used to spend many hours on keyword training, competition analysis, LSI rankings, keyword density and whole bunch of other data-backed, scientific tactics - Really nerdy, snooze fest kind of stuff.

Not anymore. 

I've cut everything out to give you exactly what you need: 

  • Kryptonite: How I target "kryptonite" words with only 40 people looking per month, but profit a very large amount from.
  • How to spy on competitors and legally steal their "competitive moat" right out from under their faces.
  • "The Mini Question Method" - How to rank starter websites for money keywords using questions and a small 700 word post. This can fast track you to results, even if you have a freshly new website.
  • Become a "How To Houdini", and capture ultra-profitable "how to" keywords that will send people who buy from you for several years at a time.
  • Why Google isn't the only game in town and the special little words to use with other popular websites that make a very large difference to your commission accounts.
  • And much more...
You'll walk away with insider knowledge and ability that allows you to rank fresh, new websites in little bits of time... and how these special little words are your secret "entry passcodes" to unlock immense traffic on websites other than Google.

Week #3: "Underachiever" Affiliate Assets

You'll learn how to create one of the most underrated digital assets on the internet. These lack the "sex appeal" of buzzwords like funnels, YouTube videos, social influencers, retargeting, FBA ads, etc...

But these "underachievers" work. Really well. I'd even dare to say they work better than YouTube videos.

You'll uncover:

  • How to quickly build one of these in a handful of minutes with no prior experience. 
  • Ways to make your new digital asset a well oiled machine that gets traffic & sales quicker, easier, and for a very long while. 
  • VIRAL: Make your new property go viral by subtly encouraging visitors to share and build links to your pages - without you having to do anything.
  • Snap a few fingers and turn a would-be $100/m website into a solid 4-figure earner. Yes, that's a bold claim, and you'll see how it's really possible inside your members area.
You'll walk away with your new digital asset that will serve you well into the future. You'll generate traffic, sales, and more importantly longevity in your market so you can enjoy the finer things in life for much time to come.

Week #4: Email Cash Flow That Endures

Indestructible. You want to know one of the most enduring digital assets you can ever create? An email list. Send emails to people who buy your affiliate products many years after they subscribed. This can't be taken away from you. You can't lose it, and it never gets "nerfed". It's yours forever to tap into for lasting wealth creation.
Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to grow your email list by 1000s per month of people who actually buy the products you recommend.
  • "Longevity Liquid": The magic elixir to add to your emails that keep people engaged up to 12 YEARS (Yes, TWELVE years) later!
  • The Bonus Stack: Learn how to quickly develop bonuses to add to your affiliate promotions that boost commissions by up to 300%. You can do this for mere pennies, and get hundred dollar bills in return.
  • Automate: Just point traffic from your digital assets straight to your email list, and automatically send promotional emails that drive affiliate sales even while you snooze. 
You'll walk away with a fully automated, email cash flow system that allows you to wake up richer than when you went to sleep.

Week #5: Buyers That Can't Be Stopped.

Imagine being able to take one piece of content… and to take that and quickly turn it into dozens of digital assets all over the internet. I mean, can you imagine what that could do for you? If you had hundreds and thousands of pieces of content pulling in traffic and sales no matter what you do?

Here's what we cover:

  • Create "golden" written posts that get results. Not search fodder but real, tangible results.
  • COPY PASTE: A wonderfully easy way turn written posts into valuable images, slides, videos, infographics that fill the crevices of the internet and stay lodged there - sending you traffic for years on end.
  • Tap directly into some of the most valuable website platforms outside of Google. Some of these are better than Google for affiliate marketers!
  • 100% free traffic for a zero-risk business.
You'll walk away with UNSTOPPABLE free website traffic. Once these bad-boys are out there on the internet, like a nuclear reaction, it's impossible to undo. The traffic keeps coming in no matter what you decide to do. Good problem to have, right?

Week #6: "Another You"

Have you ever said to yourself "man, I wish I had a copy of me"? Well guess what: Now you do.

You'll learn:
  • Proven tricks to hire "another you" to do your content for pennies on the dollar... and probably do it better than you also.
  • Get an expert to source "proof" for you so your content legitimately oozes authority, making it up to 5X easier to generate subscribers and sales.
  • How to rapidly scale your content so traffic and sales snowball much quicker than if you did the grunt work yourself.
  • Have all kinds of traffic-getting videos, infographics, podcasts, audiobooks, and more completely created for you... so you appear as a big player even as a "1 person gang" (without doing the work)!
You'll walk away with the ability to replicate yourself for a very inexpensive cost so you can scale up your new online business without having to do the majority of the grunt work. Then, just kick your feet back w/ a nice pair of tube socks, relax, and enjoy your new sources of online income.

Money-Back Guarantee

My Unusual 100 Day + $100 Bonus Money Back Guarantee

Look, I know you may be skeptical. Honestly, if you can't make this work, you're probably better off getting your money back. Not only that, I'll even pay you for your time. So here's the deal:

Simply put the program into action:

-Complete all the modules in 7 week program (bonus week below)...
-Create at least 1 post in the FB group...
-Create one complete affiliate campaign (1 campaign w/ 7 complete pieces of content across all recommended platforms)
-And jump on at least 1 coaching call with me....

And if you aren't making regular sales by then, just send me an email within 100 days of your initial purchase, and I'll return all of your money....

AND I'll also pay you $100 on top of it (via Paypal) for your time...

AND you can even keep your coffee mug bonus as my gift to you.

I'm that confident about my program... 

Try "Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Gold Edition)" risk free today with "The ONE HUNDRED" guarantee!

So What Are You Waiting For?

You now have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when you start pulling in freedom-getting affiliate commissions from Clickbank and other digital networks! So join now - click the button below:

Why I'm Offering This For So Little

I was planning on releasing this system for at minimum $2497, but the crisis hit and I know people are short on investment capital right now. So temporarily I'm offering this for a much reduced investment amount. 

(Now I ain't no saint - I of course have an ulterior motive for doing this ridiculous special (explained below)).

Once things sort themselves out, I'm going to rebrand this and raise the amount to at least $2497. Mark my words. This is not false scarcity. So claim it now for the very reduced rate of $1497.

Authentic Southern Gold

I'm a sucker for a good bonus package, so I've sprinkled some of that southern gold on top to make this even cooler.

Bonus #1: Rare, Limited Edition Deadbeat Mug 

Imagine joyfully sipping a warm cup of your favorite coffee in your very own Deadbeat mug. Simply down your favorite robe with mug in hand as you build your way to commission freedom. Deadbeat on front, Deadbeat Creed on back. Live it, breath it, become it!

These are very rare. You can only get yours on this page.

Your mug and shipping is entirely on me. It's 100% free for you as part of this bonus. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery because we're  experiencing delays caused by the Coronavirus.

Bonus #2: 30 Days Free On the Yeavo Affiliate Website Platform (Real World Value $99)

You want to know what the most expensive "savings" you could ever get is? 

Going with a cheap website builder and hosting provider - you end up paying for it in a lot of lost commissions.

Imagine if it were possible to make more commissions by simply flipping a switch. To make more, doing what you're already doing. With the Yeavo affiliate site platform, you can do just that!

Use our custom Wordpress framework to get more clicks to your affiliate links, and then juice it up even further with our high speed network that's designed to deliver pages faster than anything else out there - resulting in more traffic and commissions you'd make otherwise. 

You receive 30 days free so you can build your first affiliate site, get it up and running, and starting to earn commissions! If you decide to keep it, you will be automatically re-billed for continued service. 

Bonus #3: Can't Lose Money Markets of 2020 (Real World Value $99)

You'll receive a complete list of all the hot markets of 2020, especially the ones that are smoking, sizzling hot right now while we are all stuck at home. These are things people want and need now, and also into the foreseeable future once this current situation dies down. If you don't know what niche to operate in, simply pick one from the Can't Lose list, and jump right in immediately.

Bonus #4: Deadbeat "Gold Card" Mastermind (Real World Value $499)

You'll receive exclusive access to the private Facebook group where we'll do additional live streams and you can share and learn from other members in the group. 

100% Risk FREE

Remember, because Deadbeat Super Affiliate is backed up by my 100 day money-back guarantee, it's now 100% risk free on your part. If it's not everything you wanted and then some, simply send me an email, and we I'll give you a prompt and courteous return of every penny of your investment.

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